Why should you have a lawyer prepare your will?

There are many benefits to having your will prepared by a lawyer. A properly drafted will provides you will peace of mind, but additionally proper estate planning undoubtedly reduces the stress placed on loved ones after your passing. A will is a legally binding document declaring what you want to be done with your property when you die. If you have minor children, a will can also declare who they should live with and how they should be raised in the event of your passing.

A properly drafted will must contain certain formalities. If requirements are ignored or terms of the will are not clearly drafted, this may result in extra legal costs, time, and stress after your death. For this reason it is best to have your will drafted by a professional.

In British Columbia, both lawyers and notaries public can draft wills. However, only lawyers can give legal advice or represent your estate in court. A lawyer can give you legal advice on preventing wills variation (an application to change your will after your death by a spouse or child) and how to ensure your wishes are not changed once you pass. In the event that a child or spouse does pursue a wills variation claim, a lawyer can help your executor through this process as well.

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