Do you offer more affordable legal services for separations, divorces and other family matters?

Yes, we have what’s termed “Unbundled family law services.” This à la carte solution is a very good option for those individuals who need limited legal help and are comfortable dividing up the tasks required between you and your lawyer. Many individuals are self-represented in these matters, and they would likely benefit significantly with an experienced lawyer who is hired to support them in the process to resolution. 

Our affordable legal solutions can assist you with the following:

  1. Divorce and separation
  2. Parenting, custody and access
  3. Spousal and child support
  4. Family property and asset division
  5. Court system

We know that having a lawyer work on your matter right through to resolution is a financial burden for some people, especially if your case goes to court. Instead, you can ask your lawyer to take on certain tasks that you feel less inclined to do yourself, lessening the workload and costs, while feeling supported. We welcome your questions about our fees and how to manage the related costs to resolve your matter.

It will be significantly helpful if you are organized, possess good writing and research skills and can advocate for yourself. Our family lawyers can also advise and coach you towards better outcomes.

Not all lawyers offer unbundled services and we are happy to answer your questions.

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