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When accidents occur, there are many moving pieces over and above what happened on the road. Competing forces try to determine the reasons for the incident and who might be to blame. When this happens to you, you need a legal team working on your behalf. Our team has experience and skill in resolving these matters. You might be in physical pain or suffering from other consequences of the accident. Whether it was in a vehicle or elsewhere in life, when you have been wronged, HSJ will stand up for you. HSJ has been on this road for a long time. They can drive your case forward.

Suffering an injury can be a devastating blow to anyone, especially if you don’t have the necessary legal assistance. Dealing with the physical and emotional side of an injury is enough on its own. Let our team of local, trusted, experienced lawyers and assistants help you.

We’re Northern BC’s Personal Injury Lawyers.


Understanding Your Options

Personal injury cases involve the liability of a negligent party, which is sometimes difficult to determine. This process, along with litigation and negotiation, is complicated. From dealing with insurance companies to documenting your injury, there’s a lot to handle.

Let us help you obtain a full understanding of your options, as well as your legal rights. Call us for a free consultation. We can also offer in-home and weekend appointments to help you feel at ease.

We believe in helping clients obtain a fair outcome without adding stressful expenses. Contact a personal injury lawyer for BC at 250-565-8000 today. No fee charged until you collect.

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