HSJ serves northern British Columbians, which makes our business model revolve around relationships rather than transactions. Meeting a wide variety of client needs ensures that each team member at HSJ becomes well rounded in their provision of legal services. This makes HSJ an exciting and challenging place to work.

We are proud of the talent and integrity we provide, and balance the encouragement of each individual’s unique personal skills with the requirements of team collaboration for our clients. HSJ provides a friendly and open working environment and a corporate culture that supports the continual increase of women in the legal profession. We recognize the need for personal and family time and where possible, accommodate our partners and associates, allowing HSJ to attract and retain some of the best lawyers in northern British Columbia.

HSJ is the largest legal firm in Prince George and as a full service firm, it provides opportunities to practice in business, family, criminal, and civil law. However, HSJ still maintains the close environment originally created by its founders in 1971. This friendly and supportive environment contributes to our long term retention of employees, allowing our staff and lawyers to provide knowledgeable and experienced service to our clients.