Northern BC is a hardworking, dynamic economy. It is a land of opportunity where you can get ahead faster than impersonal urban centres.

There are good jobs around this region, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, employers and workers have to deal with difficult employment matters. HSJ has experienced lawyers who know how to manage these situations and they can help you in a way that best suits your workplace.

Northern BC’s Employment Law Lawyers

The lawyers of HSJ Lawyers LLP have the necessary experience in both mediation and litigation of employment matters, and we use this knowledge on both sides of the table to enable us to deliver exceptional results and proactive solutions. The law governing employment relationships in British Columbia is a complex and constantly changing area and our lawyers can represent both businesses and individuals in legal matters, giving strategic advice and advocacy in all workplace disputes.

Employee Representation

Not sure that you’re being treated fairly at work? At HSJ Lawyers LLP we regularly act on behalf of individual employees and can help you with issues relating to employment standards, working hours, vacations, unfair dismissal and general complaints, making sure that your employer is adhering to the law as laid out in the Employment Standards Act in British Columbia. If you lose your job in the current economic climate it can be a devastating event, both personally and financially. HSJ Lawyers LLP can represent you, either in court or at provincial tribunals, and we will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you are fairly compensated.

Employer Representation

HSJ Lawyers LLP provides professional and effective employment law representation to employers at all levels of business. We assist companies in strategically responding to the wide range of human resource and regulatory issues that arise in the day to day management of their businesses in order to reduce workplace conflict and employer liability. Employers need experts who can provide them with useful, relevant advice that will help them to avoid potential problems and expenses. We focus on providing practical solutions to our clients in order to manage the risks and resolve their employment issues in a cost-effective manner.

We provide legal services and advice in many employment matters, including:

  • Wrongful and constructive dismissal
  • Severance or termination packages
  • Human rights and harassment complaints
  • Limiting risk on terminations and lay-offs
  • Enforcing confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements
  • Human rights, discrimination, harassment and duty to accommodate complaints
  • Employment Standards Act complaints
  • Drafting employment contract; confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; and non-competition or non-solicitation agreements
  • Enforcing confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements
  • Employment issues related to a business purchase and sale transactions

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