If you’re facing charges, you need a defender. The police have their lawyers. Get yours at HSJ. We have a team of experienced professionals to make sure the rules are followed and you are treated fairly, no matter what you’re accused of. They know the system, they understand the law, and they comprehend what you’re facing.

HSJ’s defenders know that sometimes you need a lawyer fast, and they are ready to move. They’ll be with you as long as it takes. If the case is complicated, or if it’s simple and straightforward, HSJ has a whole team working on your behalf. Their first priority is bringing the legal tools to help you get through a stressful time. The stakes are high when you’re facing a criminal charge. The accusations might involve jail, loss of property or money, loss of your driver’s license, a mark on your record, and at the very least having to face an intimidating court process.

HSJ’s lawyers are comfortable in that environment. Their team feels at home in any courtroom in Prince George and around the north. Some of B.C.’s best defenders have come from the HSJ office. They’ll come when you call.

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