HSJ stands alone in Northern BC, because they stand together.

This law firm is deeply integrated into the Prince George community, indeed all of B.C.’s Central Interior, playing an instrumental role in founding public entities like the University of Northern BC and the Prince George Community Foundation, plus private-sector success stories like Yellowhead Road & Bridge, and the Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation.

HSJ is also an integrated community of its own, with many diverse lawyers, top-tier articling students, a team of skilled paralegals and legal assistants, and a humming network of contacts across the legal and business world. 

It makes them one of the biggest and most comprehensive law firms outside of the Lower Mainland, and the gold standard in Northern B.C.

It has always been that way. When three aspiring, ambitious and already experienced young lawyers – Robin Heather, Murray Sadler, David Jenkins – joined forces in 1971, it was because they knew this city needed top notch legal representation, and that was best delivered as a motivated group. Over the years, all three were celebrated for their legal acumen and each of them earned the rare and coveted QC – Queen’s Counsel – designation. More HSJ lawyers have achieved QC recognition since then, and the party of three has grown to be a force within BC’s legal sector. 

They are also a force in the Prince George community. Heather, Sadler and Jenkins all knew back in 1971 that this region was home to all the same legal complexities found in Vancouver or Victoria, but it was also just home. They would be facing their legal successes and also their opponents in the grocery store aisles, the school assemblies, the hockey games, the cultural events. This was more than an impersonal urban sprawl, it was a city with a heart and a conscience. A lawyer had to face that challenge by fully embracing the community.  

It is still that way today. So you will still see HSJ’s people involved in the same things you are. They work hard in Prince George because they are Prince George, and they know you are, too. A personal commitment to the community enables each HSJ lawyer and staff member to provide true wraparound care to each client who comes through their door. 

If you need only one lawyer in your life, HSJ is where Prince George’s highest quality lawyers and solicitors are found. If you need several kinds of lawyers over time, HSJ is still the place where a team of legal professionals is there for anything that might come up for you. They are your legal community within your home community.