Northern BC’s Forestry Law Lawyers

HSJ Lawyers LLP offers lawyers experienced in British Columbia forestry law. We advise and represent clients throughout Northern British Columbia on all issues affecting the forestry sector.

Economic and environmental factors have led to the Canadian forest industry undergoing huge changes in recent times, with the increasing focus on corporate responsibility for ethical forest management and consideration for the environment, as well as pressure on forest resources coming from other industries. It is more important than ever to have efficient representation.

Restructuring to overcome pressures from new global competition and resource management has led to changes in regulations in forestry practice and ownership. HSJ Lawyers LLP can provide up-to-date information and advice on any new legislation and all matters concerning forestry law.

Our services provided to clients include:

  • Corporate & Commercial Matters
  • Administrative procedures
  • Aboriginal legal issues
  • Forestry Law
  • Land use & forest practices
  • Environmental Law
  • Professional ethics and standards of forestry practice

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