Injured in a slip and fall – is your landlord at fault?

Tenancy Agreements, Liability, and the Fine Print #

An elderly gentleman recently came into the office after he had fallen and was injured in the parking lot of his apartment. The landlord had not sanded or salted the ice. He suffered significant injuries from the fall and wanted to sue his landlord. The landlord argued that the client had signed a lease with clauses that excluded his right to sue.

Can a landlord do that?

The law imposes a duty on landlords – the person in control of the premises – to be sure the place is reasonably safe for use. But how that law gets used can change depending on what happened to each person and what steps the landlord has taken.

If you have suffered injuries like him it is essential to be fully informed of your rights. Come in and see us. We are Northern BC’s personal injury lawyers. We know the law in this area. There is no fee for the first consultation.

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