Jenna C. Davis

Direct line: 250.565.8034

Professional Profile

The legal world has great appeal to Jenna Davis. No two days are ever the same; no two clients are ever identical in their needs. Sometimes a client comes to her with a complex case she can sink her teeth into, and sometimes she sees a simple solution that turns things around quickly.

“This ranges from winning a court case to simply clearing up a client’s confusion by explaining their legal position and the possible options and outcomes,” she said. “I enjoy being able to help people when they are experiencing difficulty. Many of my clients have strong positions and are clear on their desired outcome, but they have difficulty expressing those positions due to stress, anxiety, or emotions. I enjoy being able to present their positions on their behalf, and help reduce some of their litigation-related stress.”

Davis gets called upon often in times of stress and anxious uncertainty. Sometimes she is called in to help someone accused of a crime, sometimes it is during the end of a marriage when assets are being divided or time with children is at stake. Jenna welcomes these pressures on the strength of her training and experience at HSJ.

“My role is not to tell clients what they want to hear; my role is to ensure they understand their position within the law,” she said.

Assistant: Jodie Friars

On A Personal Note

Although she was born in Prince George, Jenna has a soft spot for the ocean, having been raised in Parksville. She is into aquatic activities, from swimming to scuba diving, and back on land she enjoys woodworking and spending time with her sheltie named Badger. They love walks in the woods and local trails, especially when the snow is fresh.

Jenna has been a volunteer at seniors’ homes and she is planning to become involved with the Alzheimer Society of BC


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Northern British Columbia, 2015
  • Juris Doctor, Thompson Rivers University, 2018
  • Family Violence Screening training through the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC