Personal Injury Claims – The Examination for Discovery

The Examination for Discovery

One of the most important steps in any lawsuit for personal injury damages is the Examination for Discovery.

After the person that injured you has been sued by your lawyer and documents have been exchanged with ICBC’s lawyer, the next step is often the discovery.

ICBC will have their lawyer there. You should have yours.
You will be put under oath, to tell the truth.
The lawyer for ICBC will then question you.

These questions are to “discover” all of the facts there are to know about your claim. These include: how the accident happened, the nature of your injuries, your recovery (if any), what wage loss you have had to date and might have in the future, and many other issues.

The court reporter records the questions and answers. If necessary, a transcript of the discovery can be obtained.

Being truthful and properly prepared by your lawyer is very important to help ensure a successful outcome of your claim. A person should never attend a discovery without a lawyer’s advice and presence at the discovery.

At Heather Sadler Jenkins, our personal injury lawyers have a great deal of that necessary experience. If you’ve been injured, call us to discuss your claim.

~ Richard Stewart

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