Personal Injury Claims: Slip and Fall Slip-ups

Many people incorrectly assume that personal injury claims only arise from car accidents. Slip and fall accidents, which can occur almost anywhere, can have severe consequences and result in life-altering injuries. Living in a snow-filled winter climate for almost half the year, our lawyers are well versed in the law regarding slippery and dangerous conditions, and the injuries they cause.

In many cases, these injuries occurred due to the negligent conduct of the owner of the property, or the “occupier” of the property. This could be the company operating the store you are in, the person who owns the house you are visiting, or the company operating the apartment building you just visited.

Even if you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you are not automatically entitled to compensation from the owner or occupier. The legal test for determining whether or not the owner or occupier of the property is responsible to compensate you for your injuries in slip and fall cases uses a number of factors to assess the reasonableness of the occupier’s actions. The factors are always dependent on the facts of the case. If the occupier is a business, these factors typically include a consideration of whether or not the occupier had a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, whether or not the plan was followed, and whether or not the plan was reasonable.

If you’ve been hurt or injured from slipping on a patch of ice or a wet floor on someone else’s property, call us for a free consultation. Let our team of lawyers help you navigate the complicated issues of slip and fall cases to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

~ Kris Henderson

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