When to Consult With a Family Lawyer

When to Consult With a Family Lawyer

If you ever need to speak with a family lawyer, you’ll be glad our law firm is here. At HSJ Law, we proudly represent our neighbors who reach out to us during some of the most difficult times in life. Call our office for legal advice or representation concerning divorce, asset division, child custody, child or spousal maintenance, and other family matters.

When a couple decides to end their marriage it begins a difficult and emotional process. The situation can be much more complex when the couple has children. There are many decisions that have to be made and everything you do now will have an impact on the kids for years to come. The most important thing is to make divorce as easy and stress-free for the children as possible. A family lawyer will help you through the entire process and guide you to a favourable resolution.

Child Access and Custody

Child custody and access are among the significant decisions that must be made during a divorce. Generally, children live primarily with one parent and the other has access to them with regular visits. Both parents are considered to be part of their children’s lives so couples must find a way to amicably create a new family situation that is agreeable to everyone.

Children need to have a stable home environment. Luckily, they usually adapt to new circumstances very easily as long as the parents encourage the situation. New habits and traditions will be forged as you work your way through a different family condition. When children see that both parents are still available to them and are involved in their lives, they will adapt more quickly to the changes. Your family lawyer understands how to resolve disputes and will help you work through the difficult decisions that must be made at this time.

Best Interests of the Children

Parents are encouraged to come to an agreement regarding where the children will reside and how visits will be handled. However, if parents are not able to come to a decision, the courts will need to do so. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when making decisions regarding custody and access. It is necessary to understand that whatever choices are made they must be done in the best interests of the child.

It is often best to try to work through any disagreements before the matter goes in front of a judge. Your family lawyer is experienced in handling these types of disputes and can work to negotiate a reasonable resolution that will be best for everyone in the family. The child’s overall emotional health and wellbeing are of utmost concern and the decisions must reflect what is best for the children involved.

Divorce can impact children in a variety of ways

To limit the negative effects of divorce parents need to present a clear and focused plan that will enable kids to develop a new normal in their lives. When children are older, the court may take their wishes into consideration when making a decision on where the child will reside.

Parents need to put aside their differences for the sake of the children so the kids can become comfortable with the new way the family will operate. Dealing with these types of choices can be extremely difficult, especially when you are already going through your own emotional turmoil. Your family lawyer will help ease your worries and assist you in making choices that will be best for you and your children.

When you are in need of legal assistance during a divorce

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