Jan Christiansen

Jan Christiansen
Associate Counsel


Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate/Commercial Law
  • Civil/Commercial Litigation

Jan was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is married with two sons and one daughter. In his spare time his interests include politics, economics, and computer programming.

He has a busy practice specializing in commercial litigation, as well as general solicitor work. His clients include private individuals to large companies. He enjoys the intellectual challenge of the practice of law, and he is proud to have appeared in every level of court, including the B.C. Court of Appeal. Jan has also appeared in the Tax Court of Canada, and acted for clients in multiple private arbitrations.

In September 2014, the Law Society of British Columbia appointed Jan Christiansen to a "Law Firm Regulation Task Force" which has a mandate to develop a framework for regulation of Law Firms.  Currently, the Law Society of British Columbia only directly regulates individual Lawyers but it has new statutory authority to regulate firms.

In April 2013, the Law Society of British Columbia appointed Jan Christiansen as a member and director of the BC Law Institute for a three year term.  The B.C. Law Institute carries out scholarly legal research and promotes the ongoing reform and improvement of the law and the administration of justice.


  • Bachelor of Science, Physics and Math, First Class Honours, Simon Fraser University, 1977
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of British Columbia, 1980


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