On August 1, 2019, Gaurav Parmar will leave HSJ Lawyers LLP in order to join the firm of Lindsay Kenney LLP in the Lower Mainland.

If you currently have a file with us for which Mr. Parmar is the responsible lawyer, we will be sending you a letter either by email or by postal mail asking you to select from one of three options:

  • You may elect to have your file remain at HSJ Lawyers LLP, and a new solicitor will be assigned to you
  • You may elect to have your file go with Mr. Parmar to Lindsay Kenney LLP
  • You may elect to choose another lawyer or law firm where we are to send your file

Please note that, if your file is not continuing at HSJ Lawyers LLP, we do require that your account with us be cleaned up prior to our sending your file. This includes any accounts due, as well as any fees or disbursements that have not yet been invoiced to you, but that have been charged to your file by Mr. Parmar or others under his supervision.

If you have not received an email or letter and you currently have a file with us, you may contact us directly to request a letter be sent to you, or you can provide your written instructions.

We would ask that you communicate with us in writing to indicate your selection as soon as possible. You may fax us at 250-565-8001; mail us at 204 - 1302 Seventh Avenue, Prince George, BC, V2L 3P1; or email us at reply@hsjlawyers.com with your written instructions.

Should you wish to speak with Mr. Parmar or our Managing Partner, Darren Lindsay, please feel free to contact us at 250.565.8000.