What To Do If You Have Been Involved In An Accident

Immediately After the Collision:

  • Remain on the scene and call to obtain assistance from the Police and/or medical services
  • Obtain and document as much information as possible
    • Names (Other driver and witnesses if possible)
    • Phone Numbers
    • Driver's Licence
    • Pictures of the vehicles and the scene, before the vehicles are moved
  • Note the date, time, and weather

The Other Party Fled the Scene...What do I do?

  • Call the Police and provide them with as much information as possible
  • Provide a written statement to ICBC, including all the information listed above that you have
  • Advertise for witnesses (posters near the scene, post on social media, or newspaper advertisements)
  • Keep a record of your efforts to find the other driver
    • DO NOT CHASE AFTER THEM - You could endanger yourself or others


  • See your doctor as soon as possible after the accident, and when any new symptom arises after the accident
  • Continue to see your doctor regularly and report all symptoms
  • Take pictures of your bruising and other injuries
  • Keep a personal log of all your symptoms
  • Follow the advice of your health care practitioners
  • Keep all receipts for out-of-pocket medical and travel expenses
  • If you miss work due to your injuries, you should
    • apply for any short-term disability coverage you may have at work, or
    • make an Employment Insurance claim
  • DO NOT settle your claim without speaking to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers first
  • If you wait too long, your claim may be barred by the passage of time. It is best to get legal advise early.


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