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Our lawyers all focus on particular areas of the law, so that clients receive effective and practical legal advice. Many companies choose Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP because they depend on our considerable skills and wide-ranging experience to meet their business objectives and commercial challenges.


Criminal Law at Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP

Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP has developed a formidable reputation when it comes to defending the prosecution of serious crime. You do not have to wait until you are arrested to get in touch with us, the firm can give you advice about your rights and the best defence or legal strategy at any stage.

Our lawyers can defend you against any charges made against you, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf and help you with the bail process. Remember, an arrest is not a conviction and you are innocent until proven guilty of any crime. All clients of Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP are treated with total discretion and sympathy.

For people who have never faced criminal charges, an arrest can be frightening experience. The stress of the arrest may cause you to overlook important matters, such as the right to remain silent and the right to advice from a lawyer.

“Impaired Driving” Cases in British Columbia

Under Canadian law, any impairment by alcohol or a drug of one's ability to operate a motor vehicle is forbidden. It is also a criminal offence to drive with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, whether one's ability to drive is influenced or not.

On September 20th 2010 the law on impaired driving in British Columbia was strengthened and is now the toughest in Canada.

When facing a charge of “Impaired Driving” or “Over 80” it is very important to seek legal advice immediately. Before you appoint a lawyer to represent you, you should be sure that they are highly experienced in defending such cases, having sound knowledge of both the specialized area of "Impaired Driving" and "Over 80" law and the numerous methods employed by police in field sobriety tests and breath/blood alcohol testing is an absolute necessity.

The legal team here at Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP has defended thousands of "Impaired Driving" and "Over 80" cases since the company was established. Our experts know the different types of defense that the law allows in "Impaired Driving" and "Over 80" cases, as well as the importance of using the services of technical experts, trained in the field of alcohol and drug ingestion and elimination.

Don't waste any time, if you would like legal advice about these or other matters, please contact our office as soon as possible.

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